New trailer for 'After Earth' with Will and Jaden Smith

Tom Cruise and Will Smith, arguably Hollywood's two most bankable stars, will be competing for your dollars this year in sci-fi films that look an awful lot alike. Cruise has Joseph Kosinski's Oblivion arriving in a couple of months, while Smith enlists his son Jaden for After Earth, brought to life by M. Shyamalan.

That last part probably has more than a few people worried about the dreaded "Shyamalan twist", but he's merely behind the camera this time. After debuting a new poster yesterday, the latest trailer has been released and it shows Shyamalan's gift for impressive visuals hasn't faded since the disastrous The Last Airbender. In fact, After Earth looks terrific and appropriately epic for a summer blockbuster. But are people ready to see Jaden take the stage ahead of his more popular Dad?

Set in a distant future where Earth has been abandoned, Will plays a famous military with Jaden as his son enveloped by his father's legendary reputation. When their ship crash lands, it's up to Jaden to make the dangerous journey to signal a rescue beacon and save his father's life.

After Earth lands in theaters on June 7th.

After Earth - Bande-annonce 2 [HD/VO] by ExtraterrestresTV