Melissa McCarthy to star opposite Bill Murray in 'St. Vincent De Van Nuys'

Can we just go ahead and say that Melissa McCarthy has indeed arrived? After her Oscar-nominated turn in Bridesmaids, she took on her first real lead in Identity Thief. The result is that it's currently the year's top-grossing film, easily surpassing $100M with plenty of gas left in the tank. Chances are she'll do just as well when buddy cop comedy The Heat arrives this summer.

She's reached the point that when she campaigns hard for a role, she's probably going to get it. Deadline reports that McCarthy pushed for a role opposite Bill Murray in St. Vincent De Van Nuys, and it looks like she's going to get it. She'll receive an offer to join the Ted Melfi written/directed film, beating out a number of comedic actresses who fought for the part just as hard as she did.

So what's the big deal? The film was announced last year when Murray came aboard, and it's being described as similar in tone to Silver Linings Playbook and As Good As it Gets. Murray plays a cantankerous, hard-drinking, hard-living neighbor who takes under his wing the 12-year old son of a busy single-mother played by McCarthy.

Filming begins in July, which gives her plenty of time to complete her co-directing debut alongside her husband Ben Falcone in Tammy.