Major rumor: Christopher Nolan to produce 'Justice League'; Zack Snyder may direct, with Christian Bale as Batman

Look, whenever a site feels the need to brag about their past accomplishments, it usually means they've been wrong a lot lately. To put it in pro wrestling terms, it's like Chris Jericho going on about being the first Undisputed Champion, without mentioning he hasn't won squat in a decade. That's kind of what Latino Review does to justify their latest whopper of a rumor, which if true would be the biggest news of 2013 by a country mile. But if wrong, then it would be a faceplant of epic proportions.

Basically, they say they've figured out Warner Bros.' plan for their struggling superhero universe, specifically Justice League. As we've previously heard, the film is in a holding pattern until Man of Steel performs well, which also gives them time to fix Will Beall's scrapped script. While the buzz on Man of Steel has been fantastic thus far, the studio is pulling out all of the stops to make sure they can compete with Disney's combo of The Avengers and Star Wars. That plan includes bringing back Christopher Nolan to not only produce Justice League, but to oversee their entire superhero line. Here's the quote....

“Christopher Nolan has completely taken over the DCU at Warner Bros.  Anything having to do with these super heroes, goes through him now.”

That's not all by a long shot, though. They also say that Zack Snyder would be co-producing, and could be Nolan's guy to direct Justice League. While this is big stuff to consider, the real jaw-dropper is that the film would be developed with an eye towards Christian Bale returning as Batman, teaming up with Henry Cavill's Superman.

They go on to add a couple more tidbits, such as the likely return of David Goyer as writer. That seems a given considering his proven track record. But more interesting is the idea that this may not even be for a Justice League movie, but instead for World's Finest. If you don't know, World's Finest was a comic that teamed up Superman and Batman monthly, with occasional appearances by Robin. I guess I could see them going this route only if they see Justice League as a complete lost cause, but then why not just take the extra time to get it right? It would also set back the rest of their superheroes by a great deal.

So how much of this is plausible? Well, all of it is to some extent. Despite his past protestations, I can certainly see Nolan convinced to come back in an advisory capacity, so that his influence is felt without having to saddle himself to comic book movies for the next decade. Although it's less likely, the idea of Snyder taking on Justice League isn't totally far-fetched. Nolan produced Man of Steel, and the two may have found they work well together. I think it's more likely for Snyder to tackle a Man of Steel sequel, which is already rumored to be underway.

But would Bale return as Batman? He did once say he'd consider a fourth film, but that was awhile ago, and he's been adamantly against it ever since.  Nolan's presence could soften his stance on that. I consider this one to be unlikely at best, but possible. The other problem I see is that bringing back Bale's Batman would totally undermine The Dark Knight trilogy's conclusion, unless they can come up with a really clever way around it. Not sure Nolan would want to do that quite so fast.

We'll see how all of this shakes out. For now, it's time to keep our sights set on Man of Steel, which opens on June 14th. If that doesn't perform well, all bets are off.