Emily Blunt replaces Emma Watson in 'Your Voice in My Head'

It's been a busy few days for Emma Watson news, and mostly it's centered on what she isn't going to be doing. Sure, the trailer for The Bling Ring came out and it's excellent, but she also dropped out of Disney's live-action Cinderella, which would have been a major gig. Now she's taking an exit from the long-developing drama Your Voice in My Head, based on Emma Forrest's best-selling memoir.

Already having lost David Yates as director, Watson's departure is another roadblock on what has been a troubled production up to this point. While a replacement for Yates hasn't been found, Stanley Tucci has confirmed to Digital Spy that Emily Blunt is stepping in for Watson, which I think we can all say is a lateral move. The film follows Forrest's downward spiral into a haze of abusive relationships, drugs, and alcohol, until she turned her life around with the help of a compassionate psychiatrist played by Tucci.

So this will obviously be a slightly different film with Blunt stepping in, and it will change yet again when another director is found. We'll see if they can do that in time for its planned start date this spring.