Drew Barrymore confirmed for Adam Sandler's next rom-com; 1st 'Grown Ups 2' poster arrives

Adam Sandler's pretty good for at least one or two absolute pieces of dreck a year, in which he just kind of loafs around in exotic locales and gets paid to hang out with his buddies. At this point in his career he's earned it, I suppose, but it's hard to deny that his audience has been leaving in droves. Sandler's next two films may be his best shot to bounce back, as he'll reteam with some familiar faces from some of his biggest hits.

I've always loved the pairing of Sandler and Drew Barrymore....ok, really it's Barrymore and anybody, but she's done some of her best rom-com work in The Wedding Singer and 50 First Dates. After being rumored for a role just last month, Barrymore is now confirmed to join Sandler in his next film, an untitled romantic comedy that pairs them up again with director Frank Coraci. The film sounds like pure Sandler crap, following Jim and Lauren, who after a disastrous blind date somehow end up stuck at a resort together with their kids from previous marriages. You can go ahead and start penciling in cameos by the usual dudes who probably wouldn't have careers otherwise.

And as you can see above, the first poster for Growns Ups 2 is here, and it looks like something the prior film's marketing team left behind as they ran for the hills. Bringing back Kevin James, Chris Rock, and unfortunately David Spade (why is he still around??), the film sees the gang back in their hometown on the last day of school for their kids. Somewhere in there they'll learn some life lessons about growing old, and also face off against a bunch of young college dudes led by Taylor Lautner. Grown Ups was the top earner of Sandler's career, and he's hoping his first ever sequel can reach those same heights when it opens on July 12th. [Variety]