Writer addresses Star Wars 'Knights of the Old Republic' movie rumors

Yesterday a pretty significant Star Wars rumor emerged that said LucasFilm was planning on adapting the awesome action-RPG video game Knights of the Old Republic for the big screen. They'd be working with writer Drew Karpyshyn, who wrote both games as well as a number of Star Wars novels. Drew took to Twitter to address the rumors, and makes it sound as if he doesn't know anything about it....

"this would be awesome, but I haven't heard anything about a #KOTOR movie. But I'm not at #bioware anymore so..."

The rumor has been making its way around Bioware, and it could just be idle gossip. Or Drew's pulling just pulling our leg and trying to close the lid on any more chatter. Or, maybe it's in development but handled by a different writer? I'll be interested to see what Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg say when they're asked about it.