Tops at the Box Office: 'Identity Thief' beats back 'Snitch' for #1

1. Identity Thief- $14M/$93.6M
Taking advantage of soft competition, and that includes The Rock's rippling biceps in Snitch, Identity Thief has jumped back into first after spending a week at #2. The film has been the beneficiary of a weak comedy line-up so far this year, and is currently 2013's top-grosser. It will likely surpass the $100M mark in a few days, meaning that sequel we're hearing about is all the more likely.
2. Snitch- $13M
The first of four movies Dwayne Johnson has this year gets off to a respectable start. Certainly it's better than his previous solo effort, Faster, which while a good film (in my opinion, anyway) didn't really catch on with audiences. Snitch lacked a big name director or the name recognition of his other projects, so the fact that it did this well is largely a testament to Johnson's star power. Despite a marketing campaign that pushed this as another action vehicle, the film is mostly a dramatic piece, the sort Johnson hasn't undertaken since the football drama Gridiron Gang.
3. Escape from Planet Earth- $11M/$35M
Reaping the rewards of smart scheduling, the mostly-unknown animated film Escape from Planet Earth holds strong only slipping about 30% from last week. It's the only game in town for parents who want to quiet the kiddies for a couple of hours.
4. Safe Haven- $10.6M/$48M
5. A Good Day to Die Hard- $10M/$51.8M
Taking a mighty tumble out of first place is A Good Day to Die Hard, and the drop suggests that only the "die hard" of fans turned out for the opening weekend. Everyone else saw the writing on the wall and stayed away.Still, it's doing solid business on the foreign market, and the cost was relatively expensive so get ready for number six!
6. Dark Skies- $8.85M
Horrors tend to do solid business around this time of year, but Dark Skies may have been hurt by looking more like an alien invasion film, which is what it actually is despite the ads pumping the connection to Paranormal Activity. Since movies of this genre make the bulk of their loot on opening weekend, this isn't likely to stick around for very long.
7. Silver Linings Playbook- $6M/$107.5M
8. Warm Bodies- $4.75M/$58.2M
9. Side Effects- $3.5M/$25.25M
10. Beautiful Creatures- $3.4M/$16.4M