The first trailer for Tyler Shields' 'Final Girl' is about hyping Tyler Shields

"THE FIRST FILM FROM TYLER SHIELDS". Yeah? So what? The controversial cinematographer, who is only controversial in that he seems to like drawing attention to himself, does the same thing with this incredibly pretentious trailer for his debut feature, Final Girl. From the very beginning of the 60-second spot, his chief priorities are to make sure we know the name "Tyler Shields", and then to let us know just how smart he is about movies and and stuff. "The problem with a movie trailer is you never know what to show."  Here's a hint: Show less of you. In rather obnoxious fashion we're then treated to a flurry of images that represent the "whole movie".

Beyond that, the film at least has a promising premise behind it. Abigail Breslin plays a shy high school loner, which makes her the perfect target for a group of boys who hunt and kill women for sport. She gives them more than they bargained for, revealing herself to actually be an armed assassin-in-training. This could actually be quite good, and the cast which includes Wes Bentley and Alexander Ludwig is strong. Kind of reminds me of a Bret Easton Ellis flick, which may be exactly what Shields is aiming for.

Hopefully, next time Shields will put marketing the movie above marketing himself.