New trailer for Sundance award-winning film, 'Computer Chess'

Probably the most oft-asked question I got at Sundance was "Did you see Computer Chess yet?", which after my reply was usually met with "It's pretty weird, but I loved it". Unfortunately it never made it onto my schedule, and with no distribution date set who knows if it will ever hit a theater. Fortunately, a trailer is here that confirms this will be unlike any film about chess you've ever seen.

Directed by Andrew Bujalski (Beeswax), the film is set over a weekend in the 1980s as a group of eccentric software programmers(Is there any other kind?) meet for a chess tournament. Presented as a documentary told through archival footage, it's really just a strange comedy about strange people in a time when machine was on the verge of surpassing man.

I've never quite seen a trailer like this, which only has me even more upset to not have made time for it. Check out the Computer Chess trailer below. [TheFilmStage]