New posters for 'Snow Piercer', 'Mental', and 'Oz the Great and Powerful'

Ready for some new posters? Good, because here are three more from films that I'm chomping at the bit to see, for very different reasons.

Far better than the bland one-sheet we received a few weeks ago is this new one for Snow Piercer, giving us a look at the harsh future times in Bong Joon-Ho's film. The image shows the cramped, unlivable situation for humanity's survivors aboard a train perpetually circling a ruined Earth. It's hard to tell but is that John Hurt standing at the end of the tunnel? Kind of looks like him. He stars alongside a great international cast including Chris Evans, Octavia Spencer, Tilda Swinton, Jamie Bell, Song Kang-Ho, Ewan Bremner, and Alison Pill. It looks like a summer release date may be in order, so let's keep our fingers crossed. [Twitch]

We largely have P.J. Hogan and his film Muriel's Wedding to thank for introducing us to Toni Collette, one of the most consistently great actresses working today. Ok, Collette probably deserves some credit as well. After decades apart, the two are reuniting again for Mental, a feel good family comedy in case you couldn't tell by the overly cheery poster. Collette plays a charismatic drifter hired by a stressed out father (Anthony LaPaglia) to help take care of his five eccentric daughters when his mentally ill wife is hospitalized.  Mental has been out for a few months overseas, but lands here on March 29th. [ThePlaylist]

Let's see....James Franco, Rachel Weisz, Mila Kunis, and Michelle Williams all have Oz the Great and Powerful posters, right? So who does that leave? Monkeys, of course! Or one monkey in particular, the flying Finley who is accompanied by the porcelain China Girl (voiced by Joey King) in Sam Raimi's prequel film. You know the story by now, and besides a chance to see all of these great actors in the world of L. Frank Baum, we can also look forward to a new original song by Mariah Carey titled 'Almost Home'. Excited? You better be, or Nick Cannon will stomp your ass.