New 'Iron Man 3' images show Don Cheadle as War Machine

Remember all the confusion when we learned the Iron Patriot armor would be turning up in Iron Man 3? What the heck!? That's a Norman Osborn costume! What's going on here? Are they teasing some sort of Thunderbolts-style storyline? Well, no. It was nothing quite so complicated. Instead it was merely the new armor worn by James Rhodes (Don Cheadle) aka War Machine, and it made sense considering he's a military man.

Fresh off of last night's two Super Bowl spots, a batch of new images have surfaced, including one which gives us a crisp new look at Rhodey in the War Machine suit. Two of the other shots appear to be taken from the rather cool aerial rescue sequence, while another is Tony Stark making snow angels or something. Eh, probably not.

Iron Man 3 arrives on May 3rd. Check out the photos followed by the extended footage from last night...