Juliette Binoche circles 'Godzilla' relaunch

As Elizabeth Olsen told us a couple of weeks ago, this isn't going to be a lighthearted version of Godzilla Legendary Pictures is planning. It's going to be darker and with plenty of "heavy drama", and the casting so far indicates it will be about a lot more than just a giant lizard stomping around and knocking down buildings.

Variety reports that the always-classy Juliette Binoche is eying a role in the film, to be directed by Gareth Evans. Aaron Taylor-Johnson is still in talks for the lead role, with Olsen the only one confirmed at this stage. Frank Darabont is rewriting the script, and it's expected no other deals will be completed until that's done. Bryan Cranston had been mentioned awhile back, but he hasn't been talked about in some time so he may have moved on.

Kind of an unexpected move for Binoche, but one that I'm definitely down to see happen. She was recently seen in David Cronenberg's Cosmopolis, and is coming off some rave reviews for her performance in Buno Dumont's Camille Claudel 1915, which debuted at the Berlin Film Festival. Godzilla is expected to open next year on May 16th.