First clip from animated 'The Croods' with Ryan Reynolds and Emma Stone

With Dreamworks Animation recently bumping a pair of their upcoming animated films down to 2014, it puts a greater burden on The Croods to be a success. It certainly has the A-list talent to do it, with Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone, and Ryan Reynolds voicing the prehistoric characters. But more importantly, they have the guidance of How to Train Your Dragon director, Chris Sanders. While it certainly looks beautiful, there's not much in the story that's hooked my interest just yet.

The first clip, while certainly cute and filled with some truly creative creature design, isn't funny enough to change my mind. Reynolds voices the suave nomad, Guy, who is trying to teach the love-struck Eep (Stone) a few tips on hunting. Turns out she's not as much of a neanderthal as he thinks.

The Croods also features the voices of Catherine Keener, Cloris Leachman, and Clark Duke. Look for it to hit theaters on March 22nd....

The Croods Clip by Teaser-Trailer.com