Felicity Jones joins James Franco and Jonah Hill in 'True Story'

When you've got as many projects on the burner as James Franco, it's easy to forget about one. Such is the case with True Story, which we learned about last year right around this time, and sounded pretty remarkable if it all came together. Franco would be co-starring alongside Jonah Hill, with Brad Pitt lending his producing power to it, and then...well, nothing. That all changes today with the addition of Felicity Jones to the cast.

The rather incredible true story follows New York Times journalist Michael Finkel (Hill), who saw his life turn upside down with the FBI's capture of  murderer Christian Longo (Franco) down in Mexico. Why's that a big deal? Because Longo had been living under the alias of "Michael Finkel". The real Finkel was then fired by the paper who claimed he had falsified portions of an investigative report. Then the crazy dial goes up another notch when Longo says the only reporter he'll ever speak to is....Finkel, of course.

Jones will take on the role of Finkel's girlfriend, who has some trouble sticking by his side throughout the ordeal. Rupert Goold is set to direct, but with Franco and Jones' schedules being pretty jammed up, there's no firm start date. She recently joined the cast of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which began production just today. [Deadline]