Craig Robinson meets the parents in new trailer for Tyler Perry's 'Peeples'

Oh, you forgot about this Tyler Perry film coming our way in just a couple of months? Tyler Perry has lent his producing power to Peeples, a lame in-law comedy that looks like someone was desperately trying to make an urban Meet the Parents.

Craig Robinson's a funny dude, but not even he can make the warmed over jokes in this trailer work. He plays Wade, a guy whose type A girlfriend (Kerry Washington) hasn't introduced him to her family in over a year of dating, so he decides to do the "smart" thing and crash her family reunion. Oh, and after he's blown up the spot, he's going to pop the big question. Smooth move. It goes about as well as can be expected. Her father (David Alan Grier) hates him, and we see Wade getting ravished by a wild dog, encouraging an alcoholic's worst demons, and literally walking through fire to prove his worth.

Supposedly he'll learn some sort of life lesson and the family will come to love him because...well, that's just how these things go. This looks turrible, and it's a shame it was written and directed by Tina Gordon Chism, who gave us the surprisingly good Nick Cannon comedy Drumline a few years ago. Peeples hits theaters on May 10th. Check out the trailer below....

Peeples Official Movie Trailer #1 (2013) by Trailerly