Blu-Ray Deal of the Week: Save up to 60% on some great romances

Valentine's Day is next week, so of course the Blu-Ray deals are going to be for some really great romance films. I think out of all the ones that are up for sale, many for as much as 60% off, I've seen every single one. Can't say they all rank as personal favorites, but a handful of them do.

You can get The Princess Bride (25th Anniversary Edition) for only $7.99. It's inconceivable to think anybody doesn't already have this on their shelf, but if not then now's the time to get it.

Nicholas Sparks' The Notebook is available for $7.99. See the film that has your lady constantly comparing you to Ryan Gosling.

Other than Heathers and The Breakfast Club, Say Anything...is probably the best and brightest of all the 1980s teen films.  Pick it up for only $7.49.

There are a dozen films on sale in all, which you can check out here. Pair these up with some flowers and a box of chocolates and you can't lose.