Ben Kingsley's Mandarin featured in new 'Iron Man 3' poster

There seemed to be a pattern emerging in the first two Iron Man 3 characters, one with War Machine and the other of Aldrich Killian. But with the release of this new one featuring Ben Kingsley as the villainous Mandarin, that theory is blown out of the water. It's still a very cool image, and Kingsley has never looked more awesome than he does right now.

Rockin' a pair of camo pants, a bunch of bling, and a pair of "Wanna mess with me?" shades, Kingsley's version of Mandarin recalls some of the more extravagant looks of the Marvel Comics bad guy, but also kind of resembles the Unibomber. While they aren't exactly being shown off, his infamous power rings are present and accounted for. At one point it was assumed the character's Chinese ancestry would be toned down a little, but it's definitely there in the artifacts around him.

The one area where both Iron Man flicks have mostly failed is in having a credible villain. If nothing else, Kingsley promises to be entertaining, menacing, and probably a little hammy. Kingsley can do campy with the best of them when called upon.

Iron Man 3 hits theaters on May 3rd.