You knew it was coming! The 'Star Wars: Into Darkness' mash-up trailer

If somehow you were living under a hole, or in my case were 30,000 feet in the air when the big news broke, but J.J. Abrams is taking over the most sought after gig in Hollywood by directing Star Wars: Episode VII. Not only that, but he'll stick around to produce the next Star Trek film after Star Trek Into Darkness wraps up. So basically he's in charge of the two most influential and popular science fiction franchises ever. What's next, directing a Dr. Who movie?

So while the 'Trek' vs. 'Wars' debate will take an interesting turn for the next couple of years, it's also opened up the window for what will certainly be a wave of new mash-ups combining the two worlds. The first is out now, and it's basically the Star Trek Into Darkness score and mood backing images from the classic Star Wars. It works, but I'm expecting them to get far more elaborate over time. Thanks, Reddit!