Watch every Marvel cameo by Stan Lee since 1989

Death, taxes, and Stan Lee cameos. It doesn't matter what the Marvel film is, if "Stan the Man" had a hand in creating the character, then he'll invariably pop his head up in there somewhere. Sometimes he's just another face in the crowd, other times he's playing the hero like in the first Spider-Man, and other times he's getting rescued from certain death like in Daredevil. The ol' guy has more film credits for doing less work than anybody in Hollywood history, and even though we know he's coming, when he shows up it still makes us all chuckle.

A cool new video has put together all of Stan's cameos in Marvel films since 1989. It's only about five minutes long and begins with The Trial of The Incredible Hulk, which I remember watching as a 12-year old kid, and goes all the way up to The Amazing Spider-Man.  Start your bets on what he'll be doing in Iron Man 3. [JoBlo]