Two clips from Sundance entry 'Crystal Fairy' with Michael Cera

The first night of the Sundance Film Festival is pretty quiet, with most of the big guns saved for the next few days after everyone has settled in. But one major film that's coming right out of the gate is Crystal Fairy, one of two films debuting in Park City from Michael Cera and director Sebastian Silva(The Maid). The other is the psycho-thriller Magic Magic, while Crystal Fairy is more of a gonzo road trip comedy.

Two clips from the film have emerged, and frankly I can't tell whether we're supposed to take Cera seriously or not. He plays an American traveling in Chile with some friends so they can partake of a legendary hallucinogenic drug called the San Pedro cactus. In the first clip he's clearly tripping out, and in the second he's offering to cook dinner for a pair of prostitutes. Nice guy Cera strikes again!

Crystal Fairy premieres on January 17th. Review to come....