Tony Stark hurtles towards Earth in new 'Iron Man 3' poster

Tony Stark may or may not be headed into deep space in Iron Man 3, but one thing that's for certain is he's going to take a serious beating down on Earth. All of the trailers and images have pointed towards the armored Avenger facing a threat from the Mandarin that will put him and his closest associates through the wringer, and that point is driven home again in the latest poster.

The image shows a busted up and helmet-less Iron Man hurtling upside down while his suit burns up around him. It's a striking shot, one of the most effective Marvel has ever put out. I'm convinced when all is said and done we'll be looking at a very different Iron Man than the one we begin with.

Also, Disney will be revealing a new 60-second TV spot this weekend during Super Bowl XLVII. Following the annoying new trend, they've released a 14-second teaser for it which is pretty bleak. Not sure it'll fit in with all those peppy Super Bowl commercials. Iron Man 3 opens on May 3rd.