Timur Bekmambetov to direct Michael Bay-produced action flick 'Heatseekers'

Russia's Timur Bekmambetov is generally considered a top special effects wiz, and for very good reason. From 9 to Wanted, up to and including last year's Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, his films are always slick and look incredible, even if the whole package doesn't amount to much. For his next effort behind the camera, he'll be working alongside a guy many have had many the same criticisms about.

Bekmambetov will direct Heatseekers, an action flick produced by Michael Bay and Chris Morgan(Fast and the Furious) for Platinum Dunes. Paramount spent a hefty six-figure sum on George Mahaffey's spec script, which follows an "ex-military pilot who takes on a group of aerial pirates."

This will either be insanely awesome or a high-flying wreck, but the premise is unique enough to be of some interest. An aerial pirates movie could be very cool. No word on when it will shoot or who may star, but expect news to arrive soon. [THR]