'The Walking Dead' Season 3 Part 2 Trailer!

I know the show has gotten alot of criticism from fans, but personally I think it's among the best on TV as far as engaging characters and suspense. I was always a huge fan of the comics which caused me to surprise myself by still loving the show after deviating so far from the comic storyline. Usually I would hate that, but it was done so well that it allows die hard fans of the comic series to enjoy surprises along with fans new to the universe since the TV show hit. Season 3, it seems, has done a ton to restore faith in those that came from the comics giving us the Governor in a different but  awesome way and introducing fan favorite Michonne without losing a step in terms of awesomeness between mediums.

The mid-point finale (I'm not even going to explore the irony of this new tv season milestone) left everyone on the edge of sanity with Darryl  a character unique to the TV series that no fan dislikes or can imagine losing, reunited with his brother Merle, captured by the Governor, and worst of all facing certain death. This isn't to say anyone else was in a happy place...pretty much everyone fans root for was in it pretty deep, what else would you expect from a cliffhanger? So to tease the February 10th return AMC has released this sneak peak of the ominously titled 'The Suicide King' which, while it doesn't give us a ton of new material, gives us a look at Rick, Michonne, and Carl alone and on the road....if you've read the comics you know what proceeds this. Now, I'm not making any predictions the writers of the series have kept me on my toes enough by now to not assume anything but I think it's safe to say that the opening credits of next season may look a bit different than they do now.

Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think!