'Texas Chainsaw' sequel already in the works

Not all horror movies are critic-proof, but The Texas Chainsaw Massacre films are one of the few that are. The latest, Texas Chainsaw 3D has mostly been hammered by critics, including yours truly, but early analysis shows it's going to do mighty business at the box office this weekend. Without giving anything away, the film certainly leaves the door open to a follow-up, and now word has arrived that it may already be in development.

According to BloodyDisgusting, the film's producers acquired the rights to make up to seven Texas Chainsaw flicks, including the one that's out now. This is just the beginning of Leatherface's story, but also just the start for star Alexandra Daddario, who recently talked about her future in the franchise....

Daddario: "I was really excited to be a part of the franchise and I'm grateful and be happy to do another one, it'd be great. I know I'd like to make it something new and different. One of the things I like about Texas Chainsaw is it deviates from what people expect it to be."

While I wasn't a fan, there's something to be said for the new direction they're trying to go in. None of it matters if  they can't find a way to make Leatherface terrifying and interesting again. We'll find out the final box office numbers for Texas Chainsaw 3D later today.