Sure Shots: Zac Efron; John Woo; Sam Worthington

* Zac Efron is teaming up with super-producer Akiva Goldsman for The Falling, described as  "an edgy thriller centering around an otherworldly being." Yeah, ok. Efron will also produce through his own shingle, and the search is on for a writer to pen the script. Presumably then they'll start talking to directors. [THR]

* John Woo loves him some Jean-Pierre Melville. Awhile back he toyed with the idea of remaking Melville's Le Cercle Rouge, but that ended up never coming together. Then a few years ago he began discussing the possibility of remaking his Le Samourai, and after not hearing much about it for awhile, it appears to still be moving forward. Woo told a German outlet that screenwriters are working on a draft right now, which would set the action in Berlin and presumably stick to the story of a hitman whose employers turn on him. There's a bit more to it than that, but that's the gist. Melville's film is a simply made, powerful classic with a great central performance by Alain Delon. Not sure Woo's the guy I want to see do this, if it must happen at all. [Die Welt via Bleeding Cool]

* It feels like we haven't seen Sam Worthingtion in awhile, but I guess that's because he's been busy wrapping up Ten opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger. He's signed up for yet another thriller, an adaptation of Kevin Wignall's book, For the Dogs. Directed by Philip Noyce (Salt) and adapted by Oren Moverman(The Messenger, Rampart), the story follows a retired assassin who helps a young girl get revenge for the murder of her parents.[THR]