Sundance News: First clip drops from 'Lovelace,' starring Amanda Seyfried

Well, Amanda Seyfried has gone from playing the purest of the pure - Cosette in last year's Les Mis - to legendary porn star Linda Boreman in the biopic Lovelace, which premieres Wednesday at Sundance. Our very own Travis Hopson will be seeing the film at Sundance, so stay tuned for his review!

Until then, though, click through for the first clip from the film, which features Seyfried with some very curly brown hair and very few clothes. No, she's not naked just yet, but she is becoming more sexually aware. In the clip, she chats with photographer and love interest Larry (Wes Bentley, YES, I ADORE HIM; this looks so much better than last year's Gone, which Seyfried and Bentley also starred in together) about how her work in the adult industry so far has taught her "how to enjoy sex, and I feel free." And when she sees the portraits Larry shoots of her, she can't believe it - "You made me beautiful."

Yup, lots here for dudes to salivate over and women to get angry about. I'm already a little offended, feminism, etc. But anyway, check back later this week for Travis's review of Lovelace (which also stars Peter Sarsgaard, Sharon Stone, Adam Brody, and Juno Temple), and click through for the clip!