'Step Up 5' in the works; Channing Tatum to return?

Those hoping the franchise would backspin its way into oblivion after Step Up Revolution are going to be sorely disappointed, as plans are underway for Step Up 5. John Swetnam(Black Sky) is in talks to take over the script, with Scott Speer returning to direct. While that's probably not much of a cause to get excited, there's at least one reason to think this will be the first one in a long time worth paying attention to.

The plan at this point is to reunite the leads from all of the previous films, which obviously includes Channing Tatum. Step Up was his breakthrough role back in 2006, and was also where he met his wife, Jenna Dewan-Tatum. He would appear in the sequel, Step Up 2: The Streets, which starred Briana Evigan(Sorority Row). Subsequent films featured actors who haven't had quite the same level of success. The plan is for the story to lead up to a huge dance-off (duh!!) which would reunite all of the past stars. If it doesn't include Adam Sevani and Alyson Stoner then I don't care. It's not a Step Up movie without those two if you ask me. And definitely bring back that robot dude.

Step Up Revolution went political with a badly misguided storyline involving flash mobs, and thus had the lowest domestic gross of the entire franchise. But they continue to be a huge hit overseas, and are fairly inexpensive to produce. So for once I can't blame you, America. You've done your job, it's the rest of the world that won't listen. 

Would Tatum consider coming back, even for a small cameo? He's obviously a much bigger star now, but more than that he's also much older. Doesn't mean he can't still get down if called upon. Step Up 5 will be shot in 3D, and in all likelihood we'll see it next year.