Scorned women get bloody vengeance in trailer for 'Girls Against Boys'

Guys, the next time you're thinking of screwing over a member of the opposite sex, please consider that she may be a psychotic killer.  Austin Chick has explored relationship hurdles and the dot-com boom with his first two Sundance entries, XX/XY and August, but with Girls Against Boys he turns to a good old fashioned tale of vengeance.

Danielle Panabaker(Piranha 3DD) stars as Shae, a college student who has some pretty terrible luck with men. After getting dumped by one, then sexually abused by another, she's done looking for the right guy. Instead, she teams up with her friend Lu((Nicole LaLiberte) to kill any man who would dare hurt them.

The film has been around for a bit, getting mixed reviews on the festival circuit last year, with most saying it never finds the balance between twisted fun and a feminist message. Based on the trailer I'm not sure they were attempting to be more than a sick revenge fantasy, and to me it looks like a lot of fun. Panabaker's a solid actress, Chick is a promising director, so count me as very interested in seeing how the film plays out.

Girls Against Boys gets a limited release on February 1st.