Nic Mathieu may direct live-action "Robotech'

One of the last great properties Hollywood has been trying to adapt for years is Robotech, the cherished sci-fi anime epic which became a huge hit here in the 1980s. Warner Bros. has had the rights for awhile, and the project has been in development at least since 2007, with numerous writers coming aboard to take a shot at it. Perhaps emboldened by the look of Guillermo Del Toro's giant robot flick, Pacific Rim, the studio has taken a step forward in finding a director for the job.

THR reports talks have begun with commercials helmer Nick Mathieu to direct the live-action film. Known for his creative, CG-powered ads (like this one), this would presumably be Mathieu's first feature gig. The studio has him attached to the Shawn Levy-produced alien flick The  Story of Your Life, as well as David Koepp's The Wind, but one has to assume they'd want Robotech to come first.

Robotech ran for 85 incredible episodes beginning in 1985, and took place in a future Earth where vast scientific advancements were made after the discovery of a crashed alien vessel. The technology is used to create giant robots known as mecha, used in defending against three successive alien invasions. What made the show great was that it spent as much time developing a number of well-rounded characters and their various relationships, rather than focusing solely on space battles. I remember being jealous of the heroic fighter pilot Rick Hunter because he was caught in a love triangle with both Lisa Hayes and Linn Minmei. Lucky bastard. 

It worries me that such an unknown quantity may be taking over one of my childhood favorites, but Warner Bros.' confidence in him says a lot.