Next Batman film happening in 2017?

It's been virtually impossible to get a handle on Warner Bros.' plans for their Batman franchise, just because there have been more rumors than fact circulating around ever since The Dark Knight Rises wrapped up last summer. The latest bit of scuttlebutt to emerge from the usually reliable folks at Batman On Film say that the next solo adventure for the Caped Crusader may not be until 2017.

Their source says that the next time we see the "new" Batman it will be in the Justice League film, expected to hit some time in 2015. Whether that will be Joseph Gordon-Levitt under the mask, continuing on from where Christopher Nolan left off his trilogy, remains to be seen. That will then be followed two years later by a new solo Batman reboot.

So take this all as just loose talk for now. It'll probably be awhile until we learn anything concrete as WB concentrates their energies on Man of Steel. Its success or failure will impact any future superhero plans the studio may have.