New trailer for Stephen Chow's 'Journey to the West'

Those eagerly awaiting the next flick from Kung Fu Hustle and Shaolin Soccer's Stephen Chow hopefully won't be holding their breaths for too much longer. Last fall we brought you the first teaser for Journey to the West, his adaptation of the classic Chinese story of the Monkey King. While it was a little weird, it's the new trailer that has all the balls out insanity we've come to expect from Chow.

Looking like a wild circus of strange pig monsters, monkey creatures, and dancing natives, it's damn near impossible to see how the Monkey King story fits into all this craziness. Chow, who was initially going to star back when the film was titled A Chinese Odyssey, he's instead writing, producing and co-directing alongside Derek Kwok, with sequels already in the planning stage.

Journey to the West opens in China next month, so hopefully we'll get a U.S. date soon? Check out the trailer below and soak in the insanity.