New trailer for 'A Good Day to Die Hard' with Bruce Willis and Jai Courtney

"You know what I hate about you Americans? Everything. Especially cowboys". The Die Hard franchise has been wearing thin for years, and had seemingly run its final course with the pointless PG-13 rated Live Free or Die Hard. Bruce Willis isn't willing to let his signature series, or iconic beleaguered cop John McClane go quietly into that good night. Instead he's taking him international to square off with a bunch of Russian goons in A Good Day to Die Hard.

A new trailer for the film has been issued, and it's a mix new footage with much of the same bad jokes and boring explosions set to opera music that we saw before. We already know what Willis brings to the table, but the biggest question mark is Jai Courtney as his son, Jack McClane. He turned up in Jack Reacher as the right-hand man to Werner Herzog's villain, and acclimated himself well. This may serve as more of a launching pad for him as a future action star.

A Good Day to Die Hard opens on Valentine's Day, so why not make it a date?