New trailer for 'Ginger & Rosa' with Elle Fanning and Alice Englert

There's a reason why, even at her young, Elle Fanning is already one of the top actresses around. She's been making mature films beyond her years since the very beginning, but the most adult of them all arrives later this year with Sally Potter's coming-of-age tale, Ginger & Rosa.

Set in London during the turbulent 1960s, the serious-minded film has Fanning as a girl combating the influence of her family, joining the fight against nuclear armament, and dealing with a personal betrayal by her best friend(Alice Englert). Beautifully shot and wonderfully atmospheric, the film is nonetheless a bit of a slow burn. It won't be for everyone, that's for sure, but Fanning is good enough to make it worth seeing.

Co-starring Christina Hendricks, Oliver Platt, Timothy Spall, Alessandro Nivola, and Annette Bening, Ginger & Rosa opens on March 15th. [ThePlaylist]