New teaser for animated soccer film 'Metegol' from Juan Jose Campanella

If the name Juan Jose Campanella doesn't immediately ring any bells, then hopefully his excellent thriller The Secret In Their Eyes is still burned into your memory. It won the 2009 Oscar for Best Foreign Language film, and Campanella has spent most of the time afterwards working on Metegol, a 3D animated adventure centered on Foosball. Seriously.

We've seen some early test footage before, but now the most complete teaser trailer yet has premiered, and I think it looks really good whether you care about soccer or not. The story centers on a Amadeo, a shy Argentinian boy who faces his greatest fears while reuniting a team of plastic Foosball players come to life. The animation isn't up to Pixar or Dreamworks levels, but I love the artificial look of the Foosball squad.

Will we ever see Metegol here in America? Doubtful. Universal Pictures International owns the rights, but there's no U.S. distribution yet. We don't really give a crap about soccer here, anyway. Maybe this will be worth an import. Metegol opens in Argentina on August 20th. [via BleedingCool]