New clip and runtime for 'A Good Day to Die Hard'

Bruce Willis isn't the only thing about about the Die Hard franchise that appears to have shrunk a few shirt sizes over the years. The runtime has eclipsed two hours for each of the prior films, but it appears screenwriter Skip Woods has slimmed down things a lot for A Good Day to Die Hard, as it will clock in at a brisk 97 minutes, which only means the awful "culture clash" jokes will come that much faster.

That's probably a good thing, because the whole John and Jack McClane in Moscow bit will probably get old really quickly. Bruce Willis teams up with Jai Courtney to play the father and son duo, who will attempt to stop Russian terrorists from doing something really nasty. The newly released clip shows that the McClane's remain as cool under pressure as ever, and the bad guys as dumb as ever.

A Good Day to Die Hard opens in IMAX on February 13th.