'Hot Tub Time Machine' sequel in the works

The lack of creativity and originality in Hollywood knows no limits. This probably isn't fresh news to you, but sometimes it needs repeating, especially when word gets out that a sequel to the forgettable, under-performing comedy Hot Tub Time Machine is in the works.

The film came out a couple of years ago to a piddling $14M debut, and hung around for awhile until it surpassed $50M domestic. That's not too bad, really, until you remember the lengths gone to in promoting it. This was a major movie that turned out to be extremely average, which apparently is good enough for MGM. THR says the studio is in early talks with stars Craig Robinson, Clark Duke, and Rob Corddry to return, along with director Steve Pink. Curiously absent is John Cusack, and I'd like to think he's too smart to come back for something like this, but I've seen his filmography and it's more likely he's just busy. Probably he's still putting together that Rush Limbaugh movie of his.

Corddry may end up co-writing the script with Pink, which could take the story to some interesting places. Hopefully they don't just zip the guys back to the 1990s or the early 2000s or something. Whatever happens, MGM will put the film on the fast track if a deal goes through.