GI Joe Retaliation: Delay was about 3D not adding more Tatum.

Wow, a HUGE thanks to Comingsoon.net for their recent interview with GI Joe: Retaliation director John Chu, so many good tidbits about a movie that we know so much but so little about. In the interview Chu addresses the reason for the year long delay of the guilty pleasure sequel, while we had all thought it was for reshoots with Channing 'Duke' Tatum the truth is far more three dimesional. That is to say, it was all about the post production 3D work and a total of 0 minutes of reshoots. That in itself isn't awesome, but what comes next is the true dream of every GI Joe fan (HINT: See Above).

While GI Joe has a plethora of CG movie worthy aspects let's get real for a second...if you liked GI Joe, you loved the ninjas. Sure, we all wanted the USS Flag playset and the sterotype laden character base was almost unending but when push came to karate chop who did every kid hold as an absolute neccesity to their action figure collection? Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow. Past that if you were lucky enough to get all of the ninja characters you did. That, my friends, is what John Chu knows and is why the sure to be fun sequel will keep one of, if not its main focuses on all things Spec Ops ninja. There will be plenty of the rest of the GI Joe luminaries but basically the story breaks down to one part ninja, one part military. 

While 3D is never one of my must haves I do really want to see what they were doing with the technology to warrant what most filmmakers consider a dark omen of box office to come, the dreaded delayed release. Turns out it must be something they are at least a little proud of as they are going to give us a taste a bit early. Attached to this weekend's Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters is 4 minutes of 3D Joe. You don't have to wait until Friday to see some of the footage though as we have a clip for you right now. Check it out below and tell me you don't think the first scene of Snake Eyes V Storm Shadow is of Ali V Fraizer level entertainment. 

Thanks to JoBlo.com for the clip!