Dwayne Johnson goes deep cover in new 'Snitch' trailer

Follow Dwayne Johnson's film career and you'll probably notice whenever he's got a new project on the way, his appearances on WWE television kick up about a dozen notches. He's actually been a regular on WWE Raw and Smackdown for the last month, and has a big Championship match tonight, which will then lead into WrestleMania. He's like the Hollywood version of Bo Jackson right now, splitting time between his myriad of acting projects and acting like a tough guy in the squared circle.

One of the many films Johnson has coming up is Snitch, a crime thriller from director Ric Roman Waugh (Felon). Based on a true story ripped from a Frontline documentary on the drug war, the story centers on a father who goes undercover in a drug cartel as a last means of reducing his son's prison sentence. This new trailer cut is much better, getting into the story fast setting up Johnson as a man willing to go to any lengths for his son, and then diving right into the action.

If Johnson has proven anything over his career, it's the ability to elevate some pretty average thrillers(Faster, The Rundown), so maybe he can do the same thing for Snitch? He'll have plenty of help with a fantastic supporting cast including Susan Sarandon, Michael K. Williams, Barry Pepper, Benjamin Bratt, and Jon Bernthal. Look for it to hit theaters on February 22nd.