Don't be confused, but 'Texas Chainsaw 4' is in the works

Millennium Films was obviously happy with the returns on Texas Chainsaw 3D, as word had gotten out that plans were already being developed for as many as six more films. After a strong $21M opening at the box office, it became all but a certainty, and now Deadline is reporting they're moving forward on Texas Chainsaw 4.

Confused by the title? How can this be Texas Chainsaw 4 when it would be the eighth film in the franchise? While the story doesn't explain it, to the best of my knowledge there have been only three movies that fit into director Tobe Hooper's continuity. The first is obviously his 1974 classic, followed up by the 1986 sequel, and the most recent one fits into that as well. Going with this numbering system effectively shuts out the other movies, which are mostly reboots and remakes like the recent Platinum Dunes efforts.

Alexandra Daddario will be back, as she's been signed to a multi-picture deal, and Hooper will be returning to produce. It remains to be seen if John Luessenhop will be asked back to direct. Filming is set to begin later this year in Louisiana.