Dan Trachtenberg to direct 'Y: The Last Man'

It's been one long, epic journey to the big screen for Brian K. Vaughn's classic comic book series, Y: The Last Man. It's been on the table for years, with DJ Caruso(Disturbia) long attached to direct, but for one reason or another nothing ever really came about. Last fall we learned that New Line had finally put the adaptation on the top of their priority list, and now we're learning they've settled on a director to move it forward.

Deadline reports that short film and commercials director Dan Trachtenberg has been brought on to the project, having made a name for himself with a fan film based on the Portal video game. He's taking on one of the most ambitious and cherished comics of all time, so it's kind of surprising to see it go to someone of so little feature film experience. A 5-Time Eisner Award winner, Y: The Last Man follows Yorick Brown, who along with his male Capuchin monkey named Ampersand, survive a plague that kills every mammal with a Y chromosome. The 60-issue series follows his adventures as the literal last man on earth, accompanied by the mysterious Agent 355 and geneticist Dr. Mann.

The script comes from  Matthew Federman and Stephen Scaia, who adapted the Vertigo comic Human Target for the small screen. So now that's part done. Who do we think should play Yorick?