Christopher Nolan to direct sci-fi film, 'Interstellar'

Christopher Nolan spent a lot of years hanging out in the gloom with Batman, but when he found the time to branch out the projects he would undertake were of the mindbending variety, such as The Prestige and Inception. With his slate now totally clear, Nolan is jumping back into similar territory with a sci-fi project once eyed by Steven Spielberg.

THR reports Nolan is in talks to direct and produce Interstellar, a long in development project which features a script by his brother Jonathan Nolan, and based on ideas by theoretical physicist Kip Thorne. So you know it's some complicated stuff. The story follows a group of explores traveling through a wormhole, dealing with time travel and alternate dimensions.

Spielberg had been attached to it at one time, and the possibility exists he still could be in some capacity. It sounds like exactly the sort of thing he and Nolan would have in common, and since Robopocalypse has just been indefinitely delayed, Spielberg's schedule just opened up a little.