Bloody good red band trailer for Arnold Schwarzenegger's 'The Last Stand'

"You f**ked up my day off." The return of Arnold Schwarzenegger to making the sorts of violent action flicks that built his career was always the biggest selling point for The Last Stand, and for sure there are plenty eager to what the old guy has left in the tank. But for others the big draw has been South Korean auteur Kim Ji-Woon, who gave us the delightfully twisted I Saw the Devil. Prior trailers haven't shown him to have much of an imprint on his first Hollywood production, but a new red band trailer has emerged which indicates otherwise.

Ok, so much of the violence is still of the generic variety, with flipping cars, exploding buildings, and Arnie looking like he belongs in a sarcophagus. However, there's far more blood and exploding bodies than I think anyone was expecting. You probably know the story by now since it's not all that complicated. Arnie is a disgraced small town Sheriff who, along with a motley crew of yahoos led by Johnny Knoxville, take up arms against a crimelord making a break for the U.S./Mexico border.

So maybe there's a little bit more to The Last Stand than we thought? We'll find out when it opens on January 18th.