1st look at 'Grown Ups 2', Liam Neeson in 'Non-Stop', and Halle Berry in 'The Call'

We talk a lot about personal responsibility here on this blog, and part of that responsbility includes making wise and informed movie choices. You never know what the impact of your decision could be. As an example, the best example really, back in 2010 Adam Sandler's Grown Ups, in which he made a mountain of cash to hang out with his buddies, earned nearly $300M worldwide. Because of that, we'll be forced to endure Grown Ups 2 on July 12th.

Sandler, along with Chris Rock, Kevin James, and the deeply unfunny David Spade will square off against a bunch of young studs led by Taylor Lautner. Yep, that's the plot. Excited yet? EW has dropped the first image, which doesn't allude to any of that, but it looks like the hot dog guy must have done something really hilarious.

Remember those five minutes after Monster's Ball when Halle Berry was considered one of the best actresses around? Eh, me neither. Her Oscar win is generally considered a radar blip in history, and she's since gone on to prove it in some really awful stuff. Hopefully things will turn around with The Call, the latest thriller from Brad Anderson, the director behind such moody films as The Machinist and Transsiberian. Berry stars alongside Abigail Breslin, Michael Imperioli, and the WWE's David Otunga in the story of an emergency line operator who confronts a killer from her past to save the life of a young girl. I see some potential in the Berry and Anderson combo, so let's see how things shake out on March 5th.

Liam Neeson doesn't need to be in another Taken movie to play the same damn role over and over again. Sure, the above photo may look like it could be from a Taken 3, but it's actually the first shot from Non-Stop, which has Neeson as an air Air Marshall defending the passengers against terrorists. Re-teaming with his Unknown director Jaume Collet-Serra, Neeson is joined by a phenomenal cast including Nate Parker, Scoot McNairy, Julianne Moore, Corey Stoll, and Michelle Dockery. [EW]