Watch the 'One Day More' number from 'Les Miserables'

Ok, so I pretty much spend the entirety of my Les Misérables review stomping a mudhole through it, and it's certainly deserved. The film is a mess in most ways that matter, but every now and then Tom Hooper gets something right. Just right enough that far too many people are willing to overlook what's terribly wrong. The Anne Hathaway scene is one, but another is the 'One Day More' sequence, the biggest musical number of the first part of the story.

Now you can catch it in its entirety, and see for yourself the grandeur Hooper brings to bear with his A-list cast. The song is sung by practically every major character in the film, so it's a pretty good example of what you're in store for, bad singing and all.

 Les Misérables dreams a dream on December 25th...[La Sexta via ThePlaylist]