Tops at the Box Office: 'Twilight' takes #1 for third straight week

1. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn pt. 2- $17.4M/$254.6M
Ha ha ha ha! I laugh at those who think this is the end for Summit/Liongate's tween cash cow. While domestically it's remained fairly consistent, internationally the film has only grown, leading to a global haul of over $700M. This was a pretty soft week overall after Thanksgiving's box office
2. Skyfall- $17M/$246M
3. Lincoln- $13.5M/$83.7M
Still at barely over 2000 theaters, Steven Spielberg's Lincoln continues to do impressive numbers, and should easily surpass $100M. It's unclear what's up with the smallish release, but one can only guess that it will hit some of those other territories as we inch closer to Oscar nominations.
4. Rise of the Guardians- $13.5M/$49M
5. Life of Pi- $12M/$48.3M
6. Wreck-It Ralph- $7M/$158.2M
7. Killing Them Softly- $7M
Taking a stylish gunshot wound to the chest was Killing Them Softly, which got hit from both ends by a paltry box office and an 'F' Cinemascore. So clearly audiences weren't thrilled with the atypical crime film or its star as this marks the lowest grossing wide release for Brad Pitt in nearly 20 years.
8. Red Dawn- $6.55M/$31.3M
9. Flight- $4.5M/$81.5M
10. The Collection- $3.4M
2009's The Collector came out of nowhere and was largely ignored by audiences, opening in 1300 theaters with a paltry $3.5M. Three years later, at roughly the same number of locations it gets practically the same opening. We can look at that in two ways: those who loved the first film liked it enough to come back for more; but on the other hand the fanbase hasn't really grown.