Tops at the Box Office: 'Skyfall' reclaims #1 as 'Playing for Keeps' misses the mark

1. Skyfall- $11M/$261.6M
James Bond is not quite so easily defeated. Five weeks into its domestic run, Skyfall took advantage of a soft week that saw only one major nationwide release, jumping back into the top spot. The film has been a huge hit already, with well over $900M totaled globally, making it far and away the top-grossing Bond film ever.
2. Rise of the Guardians- $10.5M/$61.9M
Solid word of mouth and a good amount of Oscar buzz has kept Dreamworks' holiday film afloat, holding strong with only a 21% slip from last week. Still, the total is disappointing and worldwide it will have to scrape and claw to recoup the $150M price tag.
3. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn pt. 2- $9.2M/$268.7M
4. Lincoln- $9.1M/$97.3M
Still hovering around 2000 theaters, Steven Spielberg's Presidential biopic has taken advantage of the award season and will only improve once it expands to more territories.
5. Life of Pi- $8.3M/$60.9M
6. Playing for Keeps- $6M
Somebody somewhere is convinced that Gerard Butler is a capable leading man, but the grosses of pretty much every film he's done recently say otherwise. Nobody turned up for Playing for Keeps, a bad soccer rom-com that didn't make much sense coming out this time of year and would have been better placed a month from now.
7. Wreck-It Ralph- $4.9M/$164.4M
Disney's happy with these numbers, so much so that a sequel is now in the works
8. Red Dawn- $4.2M/$37.2M
9. Flight- $3.1M/$86.2M
10. Killing Them Softly- $2.7M/$11.8M