The Sunday Drive 12/9/12

I'm sure you noticed that this was probably the worst week for new movies in a very long time. So there's no movement on the top 3 this week, although the DVD pick is different. The biggest movies of the year are coming up, so expect some wholesale changes to be made!

3. Life of Pi
A magical, spiritual journey like no other, Ang Lee accomplishes what many thought was impossible in adapting Yann Martel's best-selling novel. Combining amazing visual beauty and emotional resonance, Life of Pi is the perfect film for the holiday season.
2. Killing them Softly
Does for crime movies what The Sopranos did for TV crime dramas. Killing them Softly is a stylish, deeply cynical, and violent look at what happens when the economic crisis hits the criminal element.
1. Rust and Bone
A deeply affecting, emotional powerhouse and a cinematic tour de force, Rust and Bone features superb direction by the great Jacques Audiard and two Oscar-worthy performances by Marion Cotillard and Matthias Schoenaerts. An uncompromising, unconventional love story, this is quite simply the finest film of the year.

DVD Pick of the Week: Ted
Ok, yeah, the idea of a crass talking teddy bear shootin' the sh*t with Mark Wahlberg sounds like it may be worth a chuckle or two. But in the capable hands of Seth MacFarlane it becomes something of pure genius. Ted is a rude and extremely crude buddy comedy that takes all of the nasty things MacFarlane can't say on TV and put 'em all out there with absolutely no shame.