The Sunday Drive 12/16/12

3. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
Peter Jackson welcomes us back into the comfortable warmth of Middle Earth, where a new and rousing adventure trilogy awaits. The Hobbit kicks his prequel off in exciting, light-hearted fashion, Jackson's enthusiasm leaping in bounds through every frame. Visually stunning and crystal clear in 48fps, while it takes some getting used to the end result is well worth the wait, as Tolkien's magical world has never looked better.

2. Killing them Softly
Does for crime movies what The Sopranos did for TV crime dramas. Killing them Softly is a stylish, deeply cynical, and violent look at what happens when the economic crisis hits the criminal element.
1. Rust and Bone
A deeply affecting, emotional powerhouse and a cinematic tour de force, Rust and Bone features superb direction by the great Jacques Audiard and two Oscar-worthy performances by Marion Cotillard and Matthias Schoenaerts. An uncompromising, unconventional love story, this is quite simply the finest film of the year.

DVD Pick of the Week: Pitch Perfect
The best musical of the year doesn't actually have a lot of it. Pitch Perfect's boundless energy and genuine performances propel what is basically a formulaic girl power comedy. Anna Kendrick again shows she's one of the most bankable and likable talents working today as a rebellious co-ed who uses the power of her impressive and an impressive mix of mash-ups to lead an all-girl a capella group to victory.