Sure Shots: Casey Affleck; 'Tron 3'; Timothy Olyphant

* With his brother Ben Affleck currently earning raves and a sizable box office for Argo, Casey Affleck has also struck a deal with Warner Bros. to bring another thriller to the big screen. Casey is set to produce and star in Boston Strangler, and as you probably guessed it's about the infamous serial killer who murdered more than a dozen women in the 1960s. The film will center on a detective on the Strangler Squad tasked with finding the murderer. Black List scribe Chuck MacLean(Storming Las Vegas) wrote the script. There's no director attached yet, but what's to stop Casey from just doing it himself?  [Deadline]

* It was looking for awhile like it was "game over" for a Tron: Legacy sequel, but that was never truly the case. You might recall that David DiGilio was hired last year to start work on a script, and other than Disney's animated Tron: Uprising we haven't heard much about The Grid since. But now we know development is still progressing as Jesse Wigutow(It Runs in the Family) has been brought on to craft a new screenplay. It's assumed that Joseph Kosinski will be back to direct, but nothing is set in stone just yet. [THR]

* The horror-western Bone Tomahawk already has the coolest title around and an amazing cast, but it's getting even better with the addition of Timothy Olyphant. The film marks the directorial debut by S. Craig Zahler and has Kurt Russell, Richard Jenkins, Peter Sarsgaard, and Jennifer Carpenter starring in the brutally violent story of a sheriff , a gunslinger, a befuddled oldster, and a cowboy as they attempt to rescue a group of captives from a band of cannibalistic troglodytes. Olyphant, who knows Westerns after starring in HBO's Deadwood, will play a sharpshooter who took up his guns and moved to the frontier to satisfy his darker impulses. Production begins next spring. [Deadline]