Samuel L. Jackson reveals when Nick Fury will appear next

Nick Fury's been the thread connecting Marvel's cinematic universe ever since his first memorable appearance in Iron Man. But even the director of S.H.I.E.L.D. needs some time to recharge his batteries and relax, so we won't be seeing him for a little while.

While talking to Total Film, Samuel L. Jackson revealed when we can expect to see the eyepatched agent again....

Jackson: “I think my next time as Nick Fury is in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Because I’m not in Iron Man 3. None of the Avengers are in Iron Man 3. It’s a standalone Iron Man movie."

He doesn't mention Thor: The Dark World but since it opens six months before Captain America we can assume he won't be in it, either. Jackson signed a nine-film deal on his contract, so Marvel is probably just trying to use him sparingly. There had been talk of maybe spinning off a Nick Fury solo film but I would think they'd draw up a totally new deal if that were to be the case.

Jumping back to Iron Man 3, Kevin Feige recently talked about the lack of other heroes in the film, stating that while the overall vision remains, there's a need to make these franchises stand on their own. Smart move.

Feige: “Iron Man 3 doesn’t feature any of the other Avengers, or Nick Fury showing up, or any of those world-blending conceits that the Phase One films had. You have to keep in mind that Iron Man 3 had been in the works for almost a year, year and a half before The Avengers was released. We’re sticking to the vision for these films, and showing once again that these characters are just as interesting alone as they are together.”

So expect to see Fury pop up in Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4th 2014.